Client: Self-Initiated
Date: 25.07.2013
'Basilicas' is a series of prints that celebrate the form and function of classic cameras. The drawings have been made from a combination of found reference and life. They have been created using a bold, consistent palette of nine colours.

Classic cameras from the past and present inspire the 'Basilicas' series, in which the first nine in an on going project focus on cameras by Leica, Hasselblad, Rolleiflex, Mamiya, Olympus, Linhof, and Polaroid.

'Basilicas' was undertaken with the blessing of these legendary manufacturers.

Adrian created the artwork in order to appreciate each camera for it's aesthetic integrity. "Taking pictures is about the relationship between the photographer and the photograph," he says. "The camera is for framing the world before you. Traditionally it's something you look through, not at."

The series is entitled 'Basilicas' as a nod to the likeness of these cameras to cathedrals. With towering lenses and dark chambers, each is strongly architectural. Through his work, Adrian relates the photographers instrument to great places of worship. The name also references less literal characteristics that the camera and cathedral share. Both capture people - one in a moment of time, the other in reverential awe.